Episode 5 - Karl Edminster, Energetic Armament (27-APR-2019)

I was able to sit down with Mr. Karl Edminster from Energetic Armament and one of his sponsored shooters, 12 year old Raegan Hearn, during the NRAAM convention! We discussed several topics, including the following:

Energetic Armament’s entry into the fields of silencer design, engineering, and manufacturing, technical details of their Vox silencer, material selection and research, material selection within the silencer industry, flow design principles, baffle design, silencer physics, manufacturing nuances, material and heat cycle testing, the silencer industry in 2019, continued innovation, and more.

Raegan discusses her new shooting career and how she was introduced to firearms and shooting sports, as well as silencers. Raegan is a girl scout, competitive shooter, and fisher/hunter.